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Transforming the quality of your relationships to achieve success in all areas of life


Steve Richmond - Relationship Trainer

As an experienced Coaching Professional with a rare gift for helping clients shift their perspectives, Steve revels in watching his clients achieve the success they have always desired while becoming who they have always aspired to be.


For over 15 years, Steve has helped individuals, primarily men, navigate the journey of identifying and removing personal barriers. Mindfully guiding his clients to examine the alignment of their goals and behaviors, Steve challenges people to cultivate effective habits and strategies to harness and develop their potential while achieving a deeper personal understanding of self and purpose.    


We all have the power and strength to take control of ourselves and enjoy a life of success; if only we accept responsibility and refuse regret.  


Let Steve assist you in overcoming obstacles by seizing them as opportunities to realize your most valued ambitions.


Schedule a call today to start your own personalized relationship workout.


Removing the illusion of a One-Size-Fits-All Formula

We all relate to the world around us and to information in very different ways.  Steve's unique ability to intuitively adapt his approach to others helps him connect with people in a natural way that allows them to feel heard and safe.

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Get the Most Out of Your Life

This is the gold standard program where we identify your goals, dreams, purpose and your WHY.
Then we dig into the details of what’s working, creating plans and procedures to realize your dreams.
Mixed in is what’s a struggle and or what’s preventing you from achieving them fully, we look at emotions, limiting beliefs ego and commitment. Where are your disciplines and habits working and not working?
What are your money blueprints and are they holding you back or affecting your marriage.
Is your relationship suffering because you are too focused on business these are just a few examples

We work thru it all together and DESIGN AND BUILD the life that works for YOU.


Happy Clients

...he helped me discover a resolution that was simply beyond what I could see at the time.

You won't meet a better listener to help you resolve and conquer the challenges life throws at you.

Michael Palmer

Steve’s focus on listening to understand is undoubtedly a rare quality that set him apart. Combined with genuine authenticity and relatable nature I felt welcomed to open up and trust the process as it was unfolding.  

Claire Grant

From day one the quality of my life changed because through Steve’s help I see things from a much different perspective and the barriers that once seemed unbearable are now inevitably going to be conquered.

Greg Wool

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“The single most important relationship you will have in your entire life is the relationship you have with yourself.”

 - Jon Butcher



It is important that you get the answers you need in order to make a good decision, so go ahead and reach out.  


It all begins with a conversation.

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