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The Relationship Workout

As you begin this new decade do you find yourself setting goals and resolutions for your fitness, health, career, and other important objectives? 

Does your 2020 vision include Relationships?

Are your relationships out of shape? 

YOU are not alone.

Over 50% of first marriages and 75% of second marriages end in divorce.
Close to 40% of small business partnerships fail in the first five years.
The amount of people opting to remain single is staggering.
The cost of all this is outrageous; divorce, stress, business closure, unhappiness, loneliness, grief and in severe cases, a possible suicide.
The sad truth is that the solution is simple… Relationships are WORK!


It’s not easy however it’s damn well worth the work.

It’s what you know you want, Are you willing to work for it?

That’s why I have created the relationship Workout
To give you the tools to get the best out of all areas of your life!


When you do the work the relationships work and the reasons you are in the relationship are realized, Marriages are fulfilling and intimate, Business thrives and Families are united.

Let’s look at the truth when you want to become your best version of physically fit you hire a trainer. When you want to eat your healthiest you hire a naturopath or a nutritionist. When you get physical aches and pains it's off to a physiotherapist or chiropractor, however when it comes to your relationship with others & yourself more often than not you attempt to fix things on your own.


The Relationship Workout gives you the tools you need to drastically improve your overall success by uncovering and removing the hidden limiting beliefs and barriers we all carry and usually don't pay attention to or ever see. You may find yourself stuck in these limiting patterns and beliefs that frustrate or delay your success in other areas and sabotage you from reaching your goals and objectives. Procrastination, poor listening, anger, distractions and being out of integrity with yourself to name a few.

When it comes to your close and intimate relationships, the program gives you the tools to improve the quality of your life by getting and keeping you focused on your role in the relationships you have and where your role starts and stops so you can improve the quality of your communication, eliminate quarrels, improve intimacy and know your compatibility! 
The program is designed to powerfully assist you whether you are married, in a long term relationship, in short term relationships or just getting out into the dating scene.


The program involves thirteen 60 minute calls in total over approx. six months and is available for men or women.

To help you kickstart your participation in The Relationship Workout I am offering it at a time-sensitive limited price.


Book an exploratory call with me to learn more.

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